The organiser receives 90% of the pot to distribute how they wish, RunLastMan takes only 10%

Run Last Man’s aim is to become to number 1 spot for sports betting fundraisers on the internet.

We’re doing this by allowing you run a fun and risk-free game with live sporting fixtures such as the Premier League, NFL and the major golf tournaments.

Our fee for taking care of all the boring and time-consuming stuff is just 10% of the total pot raised, leaving the remaining 90% of the pot to be split any way you wish.

No setup costs = No risk

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Methods of payment

Pay online

Pay by credit card

Players can easily pay their own entry fee to join a competition with any major credit or debit card on our secure payments platform. This is by far the most common way of joining competitions.

Pay with cash

Add more players button

All players can now take cash off their friends and easily add them to the competition. Players can choose to give their emails and make their own picks themselves, or let the person who entered them make their picks each week.

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How the Funds are Processed

Before it starts

We take care of all the payments for your competition. All payments are processed in partnership with our payment provider Realex in a secure RunLastMan account.

When the Competition kicks off

If there’s a fundraising element to the competition, the organizer receives an email requesting the organisation’s bank account details at week 1. We then send the funds electronically.

When the competition finishes

We pay all the winners for you. Once the competition finishes the winner(s) receives an email and cashes themselves out (once his/her age is verified) online.

All payments are processed in partnership with our payment provider Realex.

At the end of the competition, we’ll send the winner(s) an email to organise a cash-out of their winnings!