Sports Prediction Marketing Campaigns

Increase engagement and add revenue with a fully embedded Premiership prediction game on your site and app. Use your own brand or sell to a core sponsor. 

How the embedding works

You promote the competition via Facebook, Twitter and your email lists from our platform.
Works On All Devices
Players join the game and make their picks from any device...
Fully Embedded
All the key mechanics of the game are embedded directly into webpages on your site and app.  

Customer Use Case

Regular Facebook posts promoting the free to play competition on your app

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you offer other sports? 
Yes we cartainly do. We have games for the Premiership, all major golf tournaments and NFL. Want to run with with another event just email [email protected]
2. I'm a media company. Can I resell to other brands? 
Yes you can. If you're a media company we encourage you to sell the branding to a core sponsor. We provide you with the embedded game, you do the rest.  
4. Does the app send me reminders about my competition? 
Regular reminders and updates are sent out to all players you each week. The mails are tailored to come from email address. 
3. We're based outside the UK. Can we launch a campaign? 
Yes you can. If you're looking to launch a merketing campaign that's free to play then yes please contact us to get your campaign started. 
People make their picks and register directly from your site / app
Each week they make their pick and share your game with their mates. 

Major Events in 2016 for your Brand

RunLastMan's suite of games can be run with every major sporting event. Check out the list of games on offer in 2016 that you can use to engage your readers and fans. 
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As featured in:

See a live game in action >> embedded a 'Last Man Standing' Premier League competition in their website with over 1,840 people playing their first free to play game. 
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For Brands embedded a 'Last Man Standing' Premier League competition in their website with over 1,840 people joining their very first competition. 
RunLastMan caters for most of theworld's largest sporting leagues and events. Some of the biggest events of 2016 are listed below: