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I see there's already money in the pot when i created it. What's that about?

In order to make the game more exciting for players there is money in the pot from the start. This is 5 times the entry fee. This means that there is a minimum of 5 players needed to cover the guaranteed pot.


Is there a minimum number of players required for a game to go ahead?

Yes a minimum of 5 players are required for a game to go ahead. If your game does not get the minimum 5 players the competition start date is pushed back by a week. If there are still not 5 players then the competition is cancelled and the payments made are refunded.


Why do i need to enter my date of birth and address?

It is a requirement of the UK Gambling Commission that we ensure that all players are aged 18 or over. When you enter your date of birth and address this data is checked against a third party database consisting of data from the electoral registry and several utility operators.


What happens if i fail the age verification check (applicable to UK players only)?

If the third party check is unable to verify that you are over 18 you have 60 days to provide an ID proving you are over 18. Acceptable forms of ID are a passport or drivers license. If an ID is not provided within 60 days your account is suspended and you will be unable to make subsequent picks.

RunLastMan is a cracking service. How much does it cost?

It certainly is. For doing all the legwork (payments, emailing, rounds management, promotion, etc) for your competition we charge a 10% commission on the total prize pot. 


Can I create a competition at any time during the Premier League season?

Yes you can start a competition for any fixture round. All you need is a minimum of 6 rounds so you can start a competition up until week 32.


Who manages the payments? Do I give my bank details?

We manage all of the payments for you. Your players pay to enter with their credit or debit cards, with the funds going into a secure RLM bank account. You do not ever have to give bank details.


I'm running a game for my club. How does the club get paid?

When the competition starts the club's portion of the pot goes into your wallet. You then withdraw the funds on to your card and give the funds to the club.


What happens if there's 2 of us remaining in a competition. Can we split the pot?

At the moment it's not possible to split the pot.


How does the winner get paid?

Once the competition is over the winner receives their winnings into their online wallet. To withdraw the funds the player must have their age verified. This will be done automatically for UK players. Irish players must submit an ID showing they are over 18. Age verified players then enter their card details and the funds are transferred on to their chosen bank card.

If my account remains suspended am I refunded my entry fee? 

In this case your entry fee is not refunded.


I note that RLM is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. What's that about? 

In the UK a last man standing is deemed to be gambling. As a result the company has a remote pool betting license to operate in the UK and to take bets and payments from UK customers.


I have won a competition. Can I leave money in my wallet or do I have to withdraw the whole amount? 

At this time you must withdraw the entire amount. 


Is it just Premier League games that i can run? 

No we have a selection of games available seasonally. Our most popular is the Premier League but we also have games for golf, NFL, other soccer leagues such as La Liga, Sky Bet Championship and the SPL, as well as for Gaelic Games. 


What currencies can you currently pay out in? 

Currently we have the ability to pay out winnings in GBP and Euro only. 

I want to run a game in aid of a charity. Is this allowed? 

Yes this is what we're all about. When you create a competition simply choose to run the game as a fundraiser and enter the name of the charity you want to run the competition in aid of. 


If I run a competition for a charity does RLM pay the charity?

When you run a fundraiser for a charity the charity's portion of the funds go into your wallet once the competition kicks off. You then withdraw the funds on to your card and it's your responsibility to pay the charity. 


I have added a group of players but want to change one of their emails that I entered wrong. How do i do this? 

To change the email of a person you added you can change this yourself. If it's before the competition starts you can change the email by clicking into the Add Multiple Players section and clicking on the batch the player is in. You can then edit the email address there. If the competition has already started this is in the Manage My Players section. 


I want to change the name of my competition or add a different logo, crest or image. Can i do this? 

Yes, simply click on the name of the competition on your competition page and you can change that there. Click on the image to change that by choosing a local file and ticking the big tick that appears..


There is 16 rounds in my competition. What's that about? 

We show 16 rounds because we allow players to predict the winner of 8 rounds in one go. This does not mean the competition will end after the end of 16 rounds as competitions continue until one players picks the most consecutive winning teams.

I only want a select group of lads to join. Can I make my competition private? 

Yes you can. Just send us a mail and we'll do this for you. 


How do the offline entry forms work? 

The offline entry forms allow you to take cash off players and add them to the competition. If you want the player to make his own picks enter their email address and they will receive an email with login details to play themselves. If the player wants you to make their picks leave the email blank and you can make their picks each week by clicking the Manage My Players function on the competition page.



How come I can’t see other player's picks? 

In order to add skill to the game you can't see other player's picks until the first game in the round kicks off.  


I want to cancel, change the start date or to change the entry fee of my competition. How do i do this? 

To do this send us an email to [email protected] or get us on the instant messenger. 


If a player is knocked out in week 1 can they buy back in? 

This is currently being developed and will be added soon. 


I see there is a 40c or 40p when I'm making a payment. What's that?

This is the fee for online processing the payment and no profit is made by RLM on this as per the regulations of the UK Gambling Commission.


I want to delete my account. How do i do this?

To close your account send an email to [email protected] and this will be closed for you. You will not be able to access your account for a minimum of 6 months.


I'm based outside Ireland, the UK and the Eurozone countries of the EU. Can I play?

Due to U.S/Australia gambling regulations we are unable to cater for U.S. or Australian based players. We cannot guarantee that players from ourside Ireland, the Eurozone or the UK will be able to withdraw their winnings or funds raised on their cards.


Can I add lads who only want to pay cash?

Of course, just go to 'add multiple players' on your competition page with your card after getting the cash off them. You have the choice of them making their own picks or you making their picks each week.


I was added to the competition by someone else. Where do I find my password to log in?

You will have been sent an email with a random password assigned to you to log in. Simply follow the link in the email and login with your email and password provided. We suggest you change the password to something you'll remember better.

If I add a player and I'm making their picks for them what happens to the money if they win?

In this case the funds will go into your Runlastman wallet and it's up to you to give them the money. 


I want to join the competition more than once myself. Can i do this? 

Yes you can . Simply go to 'Add multiple players' and you can make as many picks as you want for yourself. Just choose 'I'll make their picks each week'