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About Us

RunLastMan was established in Ireland in 2013. It enables clubs and charities to raise funds for their organisations online through running sports prediction competitions such as Last Man Standings.

The current core fundraising product of the company is the website RunLastMan.com, which has digitised the running of a popular offline fundraiser, a Last Man Standing competition.

Competitions are run online alongside live sporting fixtures, with entrants joining the competition on a unique webpage, where they pick their team for the given week and pay their entry fee on a secure payments platform. The company is currently operating in Ireland and the UK.

RunLastMan is a company registered in Dublin, Ireland with its office at Unit 3, Sandyford Office Park, Sandyford, Dublin 18.

Our Story

Co-founders Graham and Dan

A company that loves to help

RunLastMan.com was started to help local clubs and charities in Ireland raise funds in a way that was low risk, low cost and fun for the people contributing their hard-earned cash.

Our aim is to help out fundraising officers and people who give their free time to clubs and charities by giving them a tool that can dramatically cut down on the amount of time they spend on fundraising activities.

Rather than hit the beaches of Bondi, co-founders Graham and Dan decided to stay put in Dublin and started the company in early 2013, with the official launch taking place in November.

We’d love to help your club or charity! Drop us an email to get started.

The Team


Graham Carrick

Co-Founder & CEO

Favourite Sport: Soccer

Favourite Player: Terry Phelan

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Ronan Ryan


Favourite Sport: MMA

Favourite Player: Conor McGregor

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Ross Shannon

Head of Product

Favourite Sport: Football

Favourite Player: David May

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Fintan Fairmichael


Favourite Sport: Chess

Favourite Player: Garry Kasparov

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Aidan O’Callaghan

Head of Sales

Favourite Sport: Football

Favourite Player: George Best


Paddy Mullen

UX Designer

Favourite Sport: Draughts

Favourite Player: Marion Tinsley

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Customer Testimonials

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