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The best money you win is the money you win from your mates. Easily manage your competition or make your picks from your phone. 

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Simply click the app icon on your phone to make your pick in 1 minute
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You can now manage or play your competition on all devices. Lovely!
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Enjoy a minimized site for promoting your competition or for making your pick to beat the lads. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I run a competition just for fun with the lads? 
You certainly can. Simply create a competition and select it to be winner takes all. Your competition will now have all of the funds going to the pot.  
2. Can I take cash off my mates and add them to the competition? 
Yes you can. You have access to offline entry forms within the app, which you can use to sign your mates and lads in work up. Take their email address if you want them to make their own picks. 
4. Does the app send me reminders about my competition? 
Regular reminders and updates are sent out through the app to you each week. 
3. If I win or I raise money for a club or non-profit how do I get the money? 
It's dead easy. You simply click to withdraw your funds and enter the debit or credit card details of where you want to withdraw the funds to. 
Playing Last Man Standing on your phone
Pay online and cash out winnings directly onto your card
Check your competition to see live scoring
Android app

Downloading the Android App

Android app
Android app
RunLastMan is not available on the Play Store; however, simply follow the quick steps below to get it on your Android phone (takes 1 minute)
Android app
RunLastMan is not available on the Play Store. To download simply follow the steps below after clicking the download button.
Android app