Last Man Standing with your mates

A Last Man Standing on RunLastMan is a perfect way to have the craic with your mates with the Premiership. Over 60,000+ players so far.

Pay to enter and pick 1 team to win each week. Pot increases with every player.

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Organize your mates' competition in 2 minutes

1: Looking to prove who's the maestro among your mates and win some cash off them? Choose which event you're running your competition for (Premiership, NFL, Golf).
2: Choose your entry fee & start your competition. Players pay online on the RLM app or site to join or give you cash to be added manually. 
3: Share the link on your mates' WhatsApp group from your RLM competition page and send an email to your friends in work to join. 
4: The lads register and make their picks on their phone or laptop each week or send their picks for you to enter. Competition runs itself till the end.

Get your lads competition started now

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How does the game work >>

1. Create your competition page

After they've made their pick and registered they pay their entry fee online with any major card.
(can pay you cash also to enter)

3. They pay online to enter

4. All picks are made through site / app

Once created you share the link with your mates on WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter from the competition page.

2. Challenge your mates to play

The lads simply pick 1 team they fancy to win in the 1st round of your competition. If it wins, they pick again next week. 
You and your mates return each week to make your picks. Whoever picks the most straight winners wins the pot.
The Rules >>
Your mates simply pick ONE Premiership team you fancy to win in round 1. If they win pick again next week, lose or draw and you're out. You can't pick the same team twice.  

Here's how your game works

“Thanks guys. It was great fun and very easy to use. Great game to play with the lads and way better fun than fantasy."



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“Delighted with the numbers. This will be the 1st of many we run with you. Love the app and the way you lads pool the money.”




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