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Over 100,000 people have played Last Man Standing games on RunLastMan. 

Here's how to play....

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I run my own competition just for fun with the lads? 
You certainly can. Simply create a competition and select it to be winner takes all. Your competition will now have all of the funds going to the pot.  
2. What happens if a game is postponed? 
If a game is postponed during the round then you get a bye through to the enxt round. If it's postponed before the round starts then you simply pick again. Games will be postponed due to FA Cup in Jan - March. 
4. I want to play on my phone. Do you have an app? 
Yes we have an app for both Apple and Android phones. You can grab the apps from the links below for free. You'll only see the buttons on mobile.  
3. I see you run games for the Premiership? Is there any other sports available? 
Although the Premiership is our biggest event we also have games available seasonally such as Gaelic Games, NFL, SPL, La Liga and the golf majors.

Here's how it works...

Competitions are incredibly easy to play through the site or from your mobile app.


Choose 1 team to win 

In the 1st week of the competition pick 1 team to win their game. 


Your organiser will have set a fee to join. Pay with your card through the site or app. 


How much is it to join?

How to play
How to play
Every week you receive an update mail. Click the link and check out the leaderboard. 


Most straight winners wins

The Players with the hottest streak of picking winners wins the prize pot. 


Leaderboard updates itself

Click or tap the video above to see how it works


1. Create your competition page

After they've made their pick and registered they pay their entry fee online with any major card.
(can pay you cash also to enter)

3. They pay online to enter

4. All picks are made through site / app

Once created you share the link with your mates/club members on WhatsApp, Facebook, email or Twitter from your competition page.

2. Challenge your mates / members to play

You simply pick 1 team you fancy to win in the 1st round of your competition. If it wins, you pick again next week.
Players return each week to make their picks. Whoever picks the most straight winners wins the pot.
You simply pick ONE Premier League team you fancy to win in round 1. If they win pick again next week, lose or draw and you're out. You can't pick the same team twice.  

So How Does Last Man Standing Work?

Fancy running your own private league?