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Looking for a new way of raising money for your favorite charity without having to do a marathon or run in the mud? Over €600'000/£500'000 has been raised so far.

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“Thanks guys. It was great fun and very easy to use. Raised well over a grand." 


CRAIG MCMORRIN, Raised £1,500


What People Are Saying About RunLastMan

“Delighted with the numbers. This will be the 1st of many we run with you."


PAUL JORDAN, Raised £2500


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Major RunLastMan Sporting Events in 2016

RunLastMan's suite of games can be run with every major sporting event. Check out the list of games on offer in 2016 that you can use to raise money for your favorite cause.
RunLastMan caters for most of theworld's largest sporting leagues and events. Some of the biggest events of 2016 are listed below: 
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1: Looking to raise some funds for a cause close to your heart? Choose which event you're running your competition for (Premiership, NFL, Golf Majors).
2: Choose your entry fee and the percentage of the pot you want to donate to your charity. Players pay online to join or give you cash to be added manually.
3: Share the link on your club's Facebook, Twitter and email/text list and share on the club's WhatsApp groups. Connect your Twitter and we'll post for you.
4: The players register, make their donation and make their picks on their phone or laptop each week. Competition runs itself till the end and you collect the money when it starts.

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Make your picks online

After they make their picks they pay their entry fee online with their card.
(Players can pay with cash also)

Pay online to enter

Once it kicks off you withdraw the money

Share with your friends/family on WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter from the competition page.

Share with friends/family on WhatsApp & Facebook

Friends and family pick 1 Premiership team to win on your competition webpage and in the app.
Once the competitions starts you withdraw the funds raised and pay the charity. The game runs itself.

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Simply pick ONE Premiership team you fancy to win in round 1. If they win pick again next week, lose or draw and you're out. You can't pick the same team twice.