Here's the rules:

  1. Pay your entry fee at week 1 — no need to pay again. 
  2. Each week, simply pick ONE team to win – if your team wins, you go through; lose or draw and you’re out.
  3. You cannot pick that team again during the competition.
  4. If the team you picked team's game is postponed you are automatically put through to the next round and you cannot pick that team again in the competition.
  5. Forget to pick a team, you’ll get the first team alphabetically that you’ve yet to pick.
  6. Player with the longest streak of predicting winning teams wins the pot.
  7. If 2 players remain and both don't pick a winner, the pot is split.
  8. Every competition has a guaranteed winner with no rollover system in place. 
  9. If more than 2 remain everyone goes through to the next round. If all remaining players lose their match in a round together, they all go through to the next round.

Some other terms:

  • A portion of the competition's pot may be donated to a club or charity of the organiser's choice. The organiser decides the split between the prize and the club/charity at the creation stage. If this is the case this is stated on your competition page. 
  • The prize pot on the competition is rounded to the nearest whole number. 
  • There is a 10% commission to run the competition. This is taken off the prize pot and is taken into account in the prize pot on the competition page. 
  • The organiser can choose to have a fixed pot in place. If the fixed pot is not covered by the number of players by kick off of the first game in the first round then the fixed pot is reduced accordingly.  
  • Winnings may be claimed for a period of 18 months from your RunLastMan account.