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  1. Monkstown Hockey Club (EHL) Fundraising by Monkstown Hockey Club

    Started 16 August 2014

  2. Portmarnock AFC Last Man Standing by Portmarnock AFC

    Started 30 August 2014

  3. Eire Og GAA - Last Man Standing 2014 by Eire Og GAA

    Started 16 August 2014

  4. Drumlane GAA, Cavan - Last Man Standing Competition by Drumlane GFC

    Started 30 November 2013 . Competition is finished.

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Last Man Standing competitions are a great way to engage your members and raise funds all year round

  • Fully automated online fund raisers created in 60 seconds
    No more Excel spreadsheets, chasing people for cash, or wasting time sending emails
  • Raise funds from outside the community
    As RunLastMan is fully online, your club can raise funds and engage members from anywhere in the world
  • Risk-free fundraising
    No investment is required upfront. After week 1 your club receives the funds
  • Maximise fund raising through social media!
    72% of clubs are using Facebook. Share your fund raiser on Facebook, Twitter and e-mail with 1 click
  • SAFE & SECURE online funds collection
    Collect all of your funds online 24/7.